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Champion Filters is now one of  the most preferred manufacturer of Industrial Filters, Strainers & Screens in India. By virtue of our continuous dedication to excellence for more than 33 years, the brand “Champion Filters” has become a synonym for quality engineered and manufactured filters. 

The applications in filtration are very  varied, complicated and changing. Our filtration engineers have been solving offering solutions to core sectors like Oil & Gas, Steel Plants, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Fertilizers, Cements, Mining, Mineral Processing Units, Ore Beneficiation Plants, Power Generating Stations, Food & Beverages, Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, Hotels for more than 3 decades  now.

We have perhaps the largest range of solutions in Filtration. A product range of more than 100 different and unique filters for almost all fluids & flow conditions.

Automatic Backwash Strainers 		Self Cleaning Filters		Simplex Duplex Strainers
Manual Back Flush Filters		Bag Filters			Automatic Suction Water Filters 
Water Intake Screens			Cartridge Filters			Polishing Filters
Traveling Screens			Pre coat Filters			Belt Filters
Mist Eliminators				Oxygen Filters			PVC/CPVC/PU/PP Strainers
Sintered Metal Filters			Sea Water Strainers		Air Filters
Polyurethane Screens			Polyurethane Liners		Flip Flow Screen Mats
Optima®  Wedge Wire Panels		Polyurethane Products 		Corex Strainers
Paint Filters				Bucket Strainers		Coolers, Condensers
Candle Filters				Beer Filters			Process Water Filters
					Drinking Water Filters			
	Plus  100 such unique products for virtually all applications of Filtration & Screening.
We produce a very broad & complete range of every type of Filter 
from 1/4” to 60” pipeline size. 
Yours may be a standard or non standard application 
requiring a special alloy or for unusually high pressure application.
Champion Filters have the capability & experience 
to make a filter to exactly meet your needs.

Providing Solutions in Filtration & Screening since 1977

Champion Filters Mfg. Co.